DSC-40A Features & Specifications

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Dax Systems SIP Conferencing Appliance DSC-40A

Easy Conferencing Solution

The DSC-40A was developed specifically for those businesses that rely heavily on conferencing for communicating across networks and across different locations. It simplifies and reduces the costs associated with traditional conferencing solutions. With no minutes to worry about, you can discuss business all day long (if you want to).

Installation and Configuration

The DSC-40A takes just minutes to hook up to existing phone systems. The software does all of the work once it is hooked up and after installation, all the administrator needs to do is connect to the appliance via an IP address. Configuring is just as easy and conferences can be set up in less than 10 minutes after installation.

System Security

The DSC-40A can only be accessed from your local network and therefore it remains safely in the confines of your business.


Key Features

Ad Hoc/Group Conferencing:

    • Ad Hoc Conferencing: lets the moderator create a conference spontaneously simply by adding any person she wants to join within minutes. The Conference Manager Page allows a conference call to start at any time while being set up. The moderator can either send out a quick email to people she wants to join or start the conference and add them later.
    • Group List Conferencing:allows any person with access to the Conference Manager Page to create a group with relevant users who would always be invited when that group is chosen for the conference. Contact information will be saved for each group that is created so that scheduling a conference with multiple people can be as effortless as possible.

Conference Recording: 

    • When scheduling any conference call, the moderator can decide to record it for later review. The recording is stored into the DSC-40A in high quality sound for later listening, and can be accessed through the Conference Manager Page at any time. The recording can also be downloaded to any computer on the network and to any device from this page.

Attendee Options:

    • Late Entrants: Any attendee who is unable to call at the start of the conference has the ability to join at any time while the conference is in session, as long as the moderator allows it.
    • Live Invites: The moderator may also call and invite any one he/she desires simply by using the command available to call any number through SIP to save them the grief of long distance charges! A live invite may also allow a person to join who did not initially need to be in the conference call.