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DAX Systems is committed to helping customers succeed with cost-effective, quality solutions that overcome shortfalls in the technology market.

Our Company

DAX Systems provides high reliability TELCO Grade Servers and SIP Appliances to the Telecom Channel as well as to Telecom ISV's (Independent Software Vendors). Our goal is to help the Channel and the ISV network achieve greater levels of success using high quality and highly reliable hardware solutions as well as cost effective SIP Appliances necessary to fulfill unique and in many cases demanding CTI and Telecom requirements.

Our Mission

DAX Systems continues to provide to our customers quality engineered server solutions that will help them differentiate themselves from their competition and allow them to project unique branding for their company and their products. We accomplish this by:

  • Using available and quality driven off-the-shelf products to keep the costs down
  • Modifying off-the-shelf products when they do not completely meet customer requirements
  • Designing and fabricating products when they do not exist in the market

We stand apart by engineering a unique solution for each and every customer when needed. This strategy not only guarantees to provide the best functional solution possible but it also allows each and every one of our customers to create a unique branding capability that sets them apart from their competition.