Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many phones can the DSC-40 accommodate?
A: The DSC-40 can comfortably accommodate 40 people, although not limited to 40 but performance may vary with more phones connected to it.

Q: Will I need new phones?
A: No but additional configurations may be needed according to what type of phone system you already have. If you already have an IP-PBX (VoIP) then no additional phones are required. If you have a legacy PBX, all you need to do is connect the DSC-40 to your phone system and configure it to allow for your office phones to go through it.

Q: Will I be able to conduct a conference call with a party who is not part of my system?
A: Yes. You can create groups with many attendees whether they are inside or outside of your phone system and schedule a conference. You can also create an Ad-Hoc conference and email the desired parties without having created a group beforehand. Once the conference has started, you can also invite additional members to join simply by calling out using the *233 function for an outside party or *234 for an inside party.

Q: How easy is it to expand the system if I originally connect 5 phones and later want to connect 10?
A: The DSC-40 is capable of accommodating 40 phones. Once it is hooked up to your phone systems, all phones currently in your network will be able to connect to the DSC-40. Additionally, any new phones you connect to your system will also be automatically connected to your phone system. For SIP phones however, additional configuration will be required on a per phone basis, either through a browser or the phone’s menu.

Q: How do I go about utilizing the system? By this I mean can I just pick up the phone and dial those numbers I want to connect to the conference call, or do I have to call all parties to preschedule a call?
A: You can schedule a conference through your browser as long as you have administrator privileges. You can set up groups of all the parties you have conference calls with on a regular basis so they are always saved for later conferences. You can also set up an Ad-Hoc conference for quick and spontaneous meetings. Once a conference is scheduled and the appropriate parties have been included, you can press the “Send Invite” button to send the required information out to the group so that they can call into the conference once it has begun. The administrator can invite additional parties, while the conference is in session, by dialing either *233 for an outside party or *234 for an inside party.

Q: What are the normal fees for conference calling with other per-use services and how long will it take for me to recoup my initial investment?
A: The ROI on the DSC-40 is 12 months or less based on a $200/mo. charge that from cloud services that it would replace. Conference calls that go through a PSTN are extremely expensive since they use land lines and long distance calling can accrue a lot of charges. With SIP conferencing, there are no landlines involved since it is internet-based, saving you the long-distance charges. Other services such as hosted are either minute based, user based, monthly-recurring, or all of the above. The DSC-40 is a one-time purchase so there are no additional charges involved once it has been paid for.

Q: Is there a warranty on the product?
A: Yes there is a three-year advanced replacement warranty.

Q: Is there aftermarket servicing and/or tech support available?
A: Tech support is available 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

For immediate assistance, contact us by phone. Although we are in the SIP / CTI business, we don't allow calls to go into voice mail during working hours. Our goal is to make ourselves available to help you in any way we can with whatever problem(s) or question(s) you may have.

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