AVAYA IP Office Interoperability with DAX Servers

DAX Systems provides high reliability, high performance solutions for the CTI and IP Telephony industry. The various solutions are centered around customer specific needs and are designed to fulfill three categories of requirements; VALUE based, Mainstream and High Performance. Each category relies on selecting and using the best possible hardware that will provide an optimized balance between performance and price allowing you the customer to tailor each solution to the demands of a specific deployment and end-user.


DAX Systems, Inc. offers a line of server platforms that cover a range of server and / or workstation needs. Each platform can be built to suit customer specifications or typical hardware configurations for each platform available. Most units are also available with redundant hot swap power supplies and drive bays to facilitate replacement of defective components while the server is running.

The DAX Systems, Inc. servers have been compliance tested with the following Avaya hardware and software:

Hardware 2 x Avaya 24xx Digital Telephones
2 x Avaya 4400 Digital Telephones
2 x Avaya 46xx IP Telephones
2 x Avaya 56xx IP Telephones
Software Avaya IP Office Administrator 4.0.10
Avaya IP Office User 4.0.20
Avaya IP Office VoiceMail PRO 4.0.18
Avaya IP Office CC Center 5.0.19