FCS WinExpress and AVAYA IP Office use DAX Servers

FCS WinExpress is a Windows-based hospitality voicemail and call accounting solution that provides a seamless interface with a hotel's Property Management System and Avaya IP Office. FCS WinExpress uses the SIP User, TAPI, SMDR, and Configuration Web Service interfaces from Avaya IP Office to provide:

  • Call billing
  • Guest and staff voicemail
  • Message waiting light control
  • Name and user profile template change upon guest checkin and checkout
  • Do not disturb
  • Automatic wake-up call
  • Room status and mini-bar posting features
FCS WinExpress is targeted at limited service and boutique hotels with less than 200 rooms. FCS and DAX Systems have partnered to provide a turnkey solution including software and hardware to minimize installation time and simplify support.

FCS WinExpress seamlessly integrates into a wide variety of hotel PMS systems to initiate the room check-in, check-out and room move requests on WinExpress and IP Office.

The IP Office Station Message Detail Reporting (SMDR) interface is used by WinExpress to capture calls made from room phones for the purpose of call billing. The call information is processed by the FCS Call Billing application on the WinExpress server and the total charges are then added to the guest folio over the PMS Interface.

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